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3D Printing / Binder Jetting

3D Printing - Binder Jetting

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3D Printing / Binder Jetting, when colourful creativity counts!

3D Printing / Binder Jetting is one of the older technologies although not necessarily familiar to many. It principally works by laying down fine layers of a powder consumable, followed by the Jet printing of a binder ink, which as each layer builds will dry, solidify and become the solid entity of the design. Because of this method, it is possible to create from a completely plain to full four colour print combination via the binder inks available, meaning full colour, high accuracy prints are possible for a range of applications, such as architecture, medical and tool production. Post print finishing enables us to create a strong and stable end result. Our in house Binder Jetting technology enable us the ability to create a great variety of ideas.

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