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3D digital scanning, what an incredible tool!

3D Scanning in its many forms is truly limitless. From the finest and most detailed requirements of the artist, medical and technical professions, through the mid-range requirements of the various automotive industries, the grand scale of architecture to geological mapping, there is virtually no field that cannot benefit the available capabilities of scanning and its associated technologies. In its simplest form, 3D Scanning can be used for historical records, whether documenting a part, product or component for future reference  or to innovate and modify onward. To duplicate and replicate any conceivable item directly from that scanned and stored data providing us with a fantastic ability and protection that past physical processes simply would not allow possible. Of course scanning in itself is a relatively simple action, the true magic occurring within the many and varied software technologies available. This process can kick-start your design project by reducing the initial digital drawing time on CAD software.

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