Aerospace component reference and measuring solution.

Our solution

The remit for this project was to resolve ongoing inconsistencies between original drawings and final production outcome of an Aerospace Component. Due to manufacturing processes used final production parts could not with great accuracy meet the drawing specification but did meet the physical need of the components purpose. Therefore, our task to carry out a series of complex scans in order to recreate the manufactured physical part and retrospectively show with great accuracy all critical measurement points.

Given the larger size of the project and the great detail needed it was necessary to carry out the majority scanning in a blackout room.

All crucial detailed points of the project were close scanned to ensure higher detail, broadening out for the less detailed bulk.

Having achieved a combined high quality scan, we again convert the project into an STL file and was then refined in CAD software.

The adding of “pins” to numerous hole centres ensured the absolute accuracy meaning that measurements could be taken from absolutely any point to point giving a true reading of the actual part.

On completion this mesh was reduced to an appropriate file size for transition to the client.