An automotive twin lamp high efficiency lighting cluster.

Our solution

To take a previous automotive lighting cluster, that would be highly upgraded by redesign, which would have the ability to fit within numerous installation scenarios.

The previous design was based around a traditional vacuum formed idea and as such fixed its limitations to that process. Given the new technologies available to us we decided to reverse that limiting process by creating the new lamp cluster with its high energy lighting output which could simply adapt into the numerous cosmetic facades.

This new cluster we divided into a series of sub assembly parts, being a main body, 2 x 100mm lamps and 2 x bulb retaining rings. All of these components were firstly CAD designed and gradually refined to meet the needs and restrictions of the various facade shrouds they would be applying to. Previous designs had meant that these components were manufactured from time consuming a costly processes such as vacuum forming tooling, metal press tooling and metal spinning tooling, giving quite a high and relatively slow initial cost implication.

With the CAD processes and our multi 3D printing facilities we were able to very quickly design all of these same components to the new design with superb efficiency and outcome leaving us with good options for the manufacturing process and ultimately proving the product for future manufacture through injection moulding.