Our task, to create a custom duct for a Ferrari Super car, recreating a damaged and unavailable item as well as its mirrored counterpart.

Our solution

This project commenced by carrying out numerous high quality 3D scans to ensure the cleanest data. As the original part was old and damaged, and to ensure higher quality scans the part was cleaned, prepared and partially spray coated.

Using the scan data for measurements, a CAD drawing was created and the missing section grafted into the design. Once created the CAD part was smoothed and re-meshed to give us a usable stl file.

Having optional 3D print technologies available, we decided that an FDM 3D printed part would be the most appropriate to achieve a test product. This was produced along with the mirrored version in PLA material for test fitting purposes.

Once the PLA prints had been confirmed a “Good” fit, a reprint was carried out but this time using an ABS material which once retrospectively treated gave us the working parts fitted to the Ferrari.




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